The Positive Alacrity Playbook

Begin Mastering Positive Alacrity in 10 days with actionable daily challenges, easy-to follow examples, and pragmatic suggestions.

Master the 4 Necessary Skills to unlock the full power of Positive Alacrity.

Deliver Uplifting Micro-Experiences to people across your personal and professional relationship.

This Book is For You If...

  • You've ever felt like you don't spend enough time appreciating those around you because you're too focused on "getting things done."
  • You've ever felt like you could do a better job pausing to celebrating the successes you and your team (or friends and family) are achieving.
  • You've ever felt you're inadvertently taking those closest to you (such as your family, friends, or partner) for granted, but you don't know what to do about it.
  • You've ever found yourself worrying about being too "transactional," short, curt, stern, uninterested, or arrogant in your relationships.
  • You've ever found yourself wishing others sought you out and genuinely perceived you as more caring, kind, or positive.
  • You've ever simply found yourself wishing for deeper, more meaningful relationships or a happier, more fulfilling life.

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